Collier County Family Law Unit

Legal Aid Low Income Taxpayer LawThe Family Law Unit primarily focuses on representing victims of domestic violence in family law matters.

We represent victims of domestic violence in Dissolution of Marriage cases (divorce). We also provide advice and counsel in a wide variety of family law matters. We make referrals to a variety of agencies if we cannot help you. Below you will also see a list of links to related web sites which may provide additional aid and information.

Upon a referral from the Shelter for Abused Women and Children, we provide representation at the final hearing for Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence (Restraining Orders). With a referral, we can also provide advice and counsel in Injunction matters.

If you need help with a Family Law matter, please call our office at (239)775-4555, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Our receptionist will pre-screen your application for assistance and, if appropriate, will set you up with an intake appointment.

Should you decide to represent yourself by appearing ‘Pro Se’, Pro Se forms for a variety of family law matters can be purchased at the Clerk’s office at the third floor of the Collier County Courthouse. Please note that the staff at the Clerk’s Office CANNOT provide legal advice. Florida prohibits the unlicensed practice of law, which puts both the person seeking information and the person giving information at risk. Seek only qualified and licensed legal counsel.

Pro Se forms can also be found free of charge online at Go to the Self Help section and print free copies of family law forms.